Formula For Failure

by Circle Of Defeat

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9 track album spanning approximately 17 minutes.


released July 3, 2013

Recorded and mixed by Ben Romsdahl, mastered by Jake Montenegro and Dean Wilson and artwork by Sam Nelson.



all rights reserved


Circle Of Defeat Denver, Colorado

Started in July of 2009 by Alex, joined by Rich, Ben and Austin in summer of 2010.

Line up is currently Alex, Ben and Rich.

Three dudes who like death metal and grindcore.

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Track Name: Language of Violence
I have something to prove
Something to prove to you
You are not what you think you are
The ideals, principles and morals you stand for are a collective lie
If only you could see yourself from another's eyes
Your actions have consequences and this lesson I hope you soon learn
Violence is the breath that powers your being and with every word you scream, with every punch you throw, and with every empty thought you have, your life becomes more meaningless.
The struggle to create purpose for the path you chose is all in vain and you will never be more than the simple hoodlum you allowed yourself to become
Track Name: Mon frère
You don’t lie to me, you lie to yourself
What you are and what you could be are based on passion, not trying to fit in.
I can see through the front you have put up, I see the sadness you hide from the world
I will destroy the wall that is your false pride
Speak to me the truth of your life.
Track Name: Your Words Speak No Truth
Don’t tell me what’s impossible
I’ll show you impossible
Your thick skull impedes new thinking
Allow me to think for you
I shall free your being from the cage you created
These hands know freedom
Now shall your lifeless face
Your words speak no truth
Track Name: My Teeth Kicked In
My teeth kicked in, struggling to breathe, the only thought that runs through my mind as I watch this display of pride. Sticks and stones are your balled fists of insecurity and my words are nothing more than that, simple breaths of truth that you cannot handle. So take me out, show me what you are made of, I will take all you have to offer the world. My teeth kicked in, struggling to breathe
Track Name: Lesser of Two Evils
It’s all a lie and we know it
Hidden hands guide our nation, leading we the people to the weak and dark path of apathy.
What we believe to right and true, is diluted from strength and passion to the choice between the lesser of two evils.
This is what we’ve become
We place our trust in faith, we place bets on our future
This is what we’ve become, people filled with rage
Driven by faith in leaders who have lost touch with our reality
We have no power, no drive to stand up for what we truly believe
That’s all a lie, and we know it.
Track Name: Envision Failure
Tell yourself you are weak
Plant the seed and water with care
Let them all know you expect nothing of yourself
Reap what you sow
This life you chose
Track Name: The Grey of Certainty
Complacent with mediocrity no dreams to chase
All lost in the pursuit of money
Hope for happiness washed away
In the gray of certainty
Complacent with mediocrity
In the gray of certainty
Track Name: End of the Line
So fucking interesting so fucking intelligent
That’s why you won’t leave me alone
Keep on talking; tell me you got screwed over
How life isn’t fair, you fucked yourself
You made those choices
End of the line
Track Name: Ghosts
My motivation has been lost in the years spread too thin for too long. High expectations create even bigger lows when you can’t reach the top, take those extra steps into that unknown. Depths of self-pity are only darkened because I have given up. There’s a light I can’t see a hope I don’t feel, I have given up

There was a time when nothing scared me, when persistence and dedication powered my being, now they’re simply words spit from my mouth onto that face that stares back through that mirror. My revival will only come when I bury my pride and see the reality of failure

I have not given up
I have not given up
I have not given up
I will bury my pride